Black toilet recommendations and why you need one

There’s no need to say that majority of toilets in this world are white. But design freaks are slowly getting tired of traditional white ceramic bathroom fixtures and many of them have started to note the advantages of black toilets, faucets, and even bath tubs. Are you also tired of traditional design when it comes to bathrooms and toilets? Welcome to the club.

Buying a black toilet can refresh the look of your bathroom or toilet and transform it into a beautiful and modern place. Here are some of the best toilets on the market that are available in black color. All of them can be purchased online.

Black toilets on the market right now:

KOHLER 3810-7 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 GPF Toilet with AquaPiston Flush Technology and Left-Hand Trip Lever, Black$$$
American Standard 270DA001.178 Cadet 3 Round Front Two-Piece Toilet with 12-Inch Rough-In, Black$$$
American Standard 270CA001.178 Cadet 3 Elongated Two-Piece Toilet with 12-Inch Rough-In, Black$$$
Kohler K-3654-7 Persuade Two-Piece Elongated Toilet with Dual Flush Technology, Less Seat, Black$$$
Kohler K-3977-7 Wellworth Round-Front 1.6 gpf Toilet, Black$$$

Why would you buy a black toilet?

The main reason why black toilets are getting more and more popular each day is the fact that many homeowners have become fed up with traditional designs. Of course traditional white bathroom fixtures can look great, but there’s something magical about more exotic colors that are getting more and more popular among consumers around the globe.

Black design of fixtures can make your bathroom look contemporary, stylish and invigorating at the same time. Another advantage of the black toilets is that they don’t get dirty that easily.

Black toilet and bathroom design:

black toilet

Top 5 reviews:

It’s quite a surprise that there aren’t more black toilets available on the market, but we have managed to include 5 of them on our list of recommendations. All of them can be purchased online and we believe that all of them are great buys. However, the final decision comes down to personal preference and budget. At the time of writing these reviews all of them costed less than $500.

KOHLER 3810-7 Santa Rosa

One of the best features of one-piece toilets is that the bowl and tank are integrated in one piece with seamless design. They are much easier to clean and they are great to look at. The Kohler Santa Rosa is a one-piece toilet that offers exceptional performance in a small footprint. The level of comfort that you get with this toilet superior due to the elongated bowl and Comfort Height seat that is similar to the height of standard chairs. The elongated bowl

This water-saving toilet only uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush and still provides superior flushing action. The secret is the AquaPiston canister that allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides and creates as powerful flushing action as similar traditional toilets that use almost 3x more water.

Kohler provides 1-year warranty on the Santa Rose series, but the quality of such a high-end brand shouldn’t be a problem. The canister design has about 90{c48d2932b0f91309fcd4ac483373ea44757da9017d51c636d623ada9437b2f4d} less exposed seal material than traditional toilets, so you can be sure that it won’t start leaking any time soon.

Our rating: 

American Standard 270DA001.178 Cadet

The American Standard is one of the most popular toilet manufacturers in the USA and we are sure that we will review many more of their products in the near future. The Cadet model isn’t one of the top-end products in this category, but it has a great value for the money and it’s about 50{c48d2932b0f91309fcd4ac483373ea44757da9017d51c636d623ada9437b2f4d} cheaper than the Kohler Santa Rosa.

It’s a 2-piece toilet with attractive black design and Ever Clean antimicrobial surface. The vitreous china construction is durable and easy to clean. This toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush which is the current federal standard. The Cadet 3 series toilets come in several designs and types to choose from, so you might find a better one with similar features that are tailored to your taste and requirements.

The seat is not included in the package, so you have to purchase it as an addition. There are several American Standard black toilet seats available as well, so finding the right one shouldn’t be a problem.

Our rating: 

American Standard 270CA001.178

American Standard 270CA001.178

The 270CA001.178 toilet is not so different compared to the 270DA001.178. It’s slightly more expensive, but it features an elongated bowl that provides higher levels of comfort.

It uses 1.28 gallons of water per flush and it also has the Ever Clean antimicrobial surface that is resistant to bacteria and microbes.

Our rating: 

Kohler K-3654-7 Persuade

Kohler K-3654-7 Persuade

The Kohler K-3654-7 Persuade is a 2-piece toilet with contemporary and stylish design. It doesn’t look like traditional toilet, so you might love it or hate it. But if you like its design, it might be one of your best buys at the moment.

Its main advantage is the advanced dual-flush system that delivers outstanding flushing power at 0.8 or 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

This toilet comes with bowl, tank, tank cover, supply line, and polished chrome push, buttons, so you must buy the seat as an addition. There’s a 1-year limited warranty provided by the manufacturer.

Our rating: 

Kohler K-3977-7 Wellworth

Kohler K-3977-7 Wellworth

If you are looking for a standard toilet in the low price range, the Kohler K-3977-7 Wellworth might be your best buy. In fact, it’s the most affordable product on this list of black toilets.

This high-efficiency toilet features a round bowl that provides great comfort and it doesn’t take as much space as the elongated bowls. The Class Five(R) flushing system provides great flushing power for the money.

The manufacturer claims that it’s easy to install because it comes with 3 pre-installed tank bolts. There’s also a limited 1-year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

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