Cleanwaste stands as the world leader in management of personal human waste incase where plumbing facilities are not available. This cleanwaste branded toilets are preferred by most of the hospitals all around the world. They are regular suppliers to United States military and also to other foreign militaries. They are also regular suppliers to all the national parks all around the world. They are also great suppliers to major retailers.

If you are dreaming about whenever and wherever go anywhere type of toilet system, then you should definitely consider Cleanwaste GO anywhere Complete toilet system. This Go anywhere toilet system have got a 4.3 star ratings out of 5 stars ratings in which about 75 percent of the users are satisfied completely with this product and they have given a 5 out of 5 stars rating to this product. This type of Go anywhere toilet system provides a complete feel like bathroom in places where there is no availability of bathrooms.

Pricing and Shipping

The cost of this cleanwaste goes anywhere toilet system is less than affordable cost but it offers endless facilities. You need not pay any extra amount for the purpose of shipping this product because this product comes with a tag of free shipping offer.

Our rating:

Cleanwaste GO anywhere Complete Toilet System

Our Ultimate Review

Cleanwaste owns its pride of being the world leader in personal human waste management. They are experts in providing high efficient and completely portable toilets which would be very much helpful in places where there is no availability of plumbing facilities for fixing up the toilet.

Each cleanwaste go anywhere complete toilet system includes one Go anywhere portable toilet, one Go anywhere privacy shelter, 15 Go anywhere toilet kits, 20 WAG BAGs for the purpose of military use, 1 large transport bag which can be used for the transportation purpose and also one bag pack for storing all these things. The best part about this is you need work on assembling these parts.

This cleanwaste go anywhere complete toilet system is easy to carry. It is also very convenient using this because you can go anywhere where you feel to go without losing your privacy.
It is highly durable and it is proven for its high quality. It is compact and everything can be kept in the back pack and you can carry it easily which proves that it is portable. It is good enough to buy the product as a whole system rather than buying individual parts and assembling them.

Features of Cleanwaste Go anywhere Toilet System

  • It is complete and easy to carry
  • Convenient usage
  • Proven for its Durability
  • It is more economical when compared with buying individual components.
  • It is portable and compact


It is a low cost as well as worth buying product which have got high ratings and it would help its user to go anywhere with ultimate privacy.

Pros: One of the most easy to use and convenient complete portable toilet systems on the market right now. The Go Anywhere toilet system is a must have system for camping.