While buying a toilet, we would be mainly focused on two things. They are the quality and the price. When it comes to the best quality as well as reasonable price, Danze is one among the popular brands that provides awesome featured good quality toilets at a sensible price. Danze toilets are recognized as one of the popular brand of toilets that are used by more number of users.

Danze DC011323WH Orrington comes in the list of our recommended products because it have got a five star rating and it have satisfied almost all the customers who have bought it. It owns the pride of getting cent percent customer satisfaction.

Pricing and Shipping Details

Some of the toilets in Danze brand may cost a little expensive but when compared with the other danze products, Danze DC011323WH Orrington is a perfect and absolute quality toilet that is sold for a reasonable cost. This toilet is available for free shipping and you can get the toilet in your hand within four days to one week time period.

Our rating: 

Danze DC011323WH Orrington


Danze toilets own its pride for manufacturing the most beautiful designed toilets as well as best performing toilets. Danze toilets provide you all the facilities that you dream about in your toilet. They are well known for its awesome design and adorable performance.

This Orrington toilet is featured with an elongated bowl and also it possess a fully glazed trap way. This Orrington one piece toilet is also certified for its water sensing technology. It is also called as high efficient toilet because of its awesome efficiency with the water consumption rate.

The most amazing feature about danze DC011323WH Orrington 1 piece high efficiency toilet is that it has a large 3 inch flash valve as well as its gravity flush type. It is also designed in traditional style. The installation method of this toilet is floor mounted method.

Its features also include a soft- close type seat and also it is available with an angle mounted tank lever. It is designed with an awesome color which could be helpful in matching color ceramic floors.

Features of Danze Orrington

  • One among the best branded toilets.
  • Five star ratings.
  • 100 percent customer satisfaction.
  • Designed in Traditional style.
  • Gravity flush type.
  • Water sense certified.
  • Known for its high efficiency in water consumption.
  • The type of seat is soft-close type.
  • Large 3 inch flash valve.
  • Elongated, large as well as comfortable bowl.


This DC011323WH Orrington toilet was used by more number of people and it was given a five star rating by all the DC011323WH users which means that hundred percent of the customers that is almost all the customers have given this toilet awesome five star rating. This shows that this toilet is flawless and there are no cons or only few cons regarding this toilet whereas it is provided with adorable features and awesome style.

Pros: Highly efficient and quality made toilet that comes from one of the best toilet brands in the world. It's made of a single piece and looks classy and modern.
Cons: Slightly above average price.